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Motivational Fasting

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Nov 29, 2021

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This bonus episode seems at first blush to have nothing to do with fasting – but as you’ll discover, it is really relevant to helping you develop an ease and power around intermittent, alternate day or extended day fasting.

How so? Well, I interview someone who has managed to pull off what I see very few human being do…and is the key to happiness in the 21st century.

I am talking about working toward what you want, while developing an uncommon resilience for the curveballs that life throws at us.

Artist Catherine Rains has had her unfair share of challenges in life, but is just about the happiest, most well-adjusted, ego-free person I have ever met.

Why is this relevant for Motivational Fasting? Because if we can manage life directly, we have no need to misuse fasting or food to do the job.

At the end I discuss some of the points discussed and how they help you with your fatsing goals.

In this interview, I talk to artist Catherine Rains about her two-pronged approach to dealing with life’s problems:

“Double-pronged non-resistance”: while continually affirming the job she wanted, she was at the same time embracing the job she had.

How to be unintentionally intentional

The five words anyone can use in a negative situation to feel more empowered

Catherine’s epiphany about non resistance

The non linear nature of change.

How she diverted her energy to sidestep jealousy and intended her way to the job of her dreams

Why affirmations don’t work for so many people - because they are doing this thing alongside the affirmation

Her strategy for releasing fear and dread after her cancer diagnosis (I have never heard this from anyone else)

How she developed compassion for her husband in the midst of her divorce but still shielded herself from his manipulation

Her hilarious way of managing old resentments



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