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Motivational Fasting

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Jan 10, 2022

Check out this weekend's - 15/16 January - Guided Fast at

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Only a fool would say that fasting is a vaccine. However, some experiences I had in December with COVID – or should I say not getting COVID – gave me a great idea for a thought experiment on this topic. With the science firmly separated from Harriet’s creative thinking, let’s dive into the question of fasting as an immune booster.

Motivational Guided Fast

Join me the weekend of the 15th/16th January for an online Guided Motivational Fast.

Whether it is your first time trying intermittent fasting for 16 hours, or you want to extend what you are doing now, this will help you if:

*You are interested in the health benefits of fasting and intermittent fasting, but are scared of being hungry

*You want to find a way to change this from a struggle-filled challenge to an intrepid adventure

*You would benefit from having a positive supportive group to cheer you on


Prep materials to get you thinking ahead about the most important things before your fast

Six optional group Zoom calls over the weekend to suit a wide variety of time zones 

Two inspirational audios - one to psyche yourself up and one 'in case of emergency' to use if you are struggling

Optional Facebook group for the experience

Find out more at

To paraphrase Helen Keller, fasting is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

Join me this weekend to uplevel your health, and swap misery for marvelling at your own hidden abilities. Swap deprivation for laughing diabolically at your inner critic who says you're just no good at this. And swap self-doubt for self-discovery...of this innate superpower gifted to each and every one of us by evolution.



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