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Motivational Fasting

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Oct 21, 2021

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How do you imagine any great expert got to be where they are in their chosen field? They got so fascinated, so utterly infatuated with their thing that struggle dissolved under the weight of their personal investment in their subject or skill...just for the sake of it.

In this episode, we reframe intermittent fasting (and other types too) as a relationship.

We look at this by contrasting puritanical fasting (PF) with Motivational Fasting (MF).

In PF, the relationship between you and the fast is that of a harsh parent (the fast) and a naughty child (you) who has less autonomy than a toddler.

In MF, things are A LOT more fun. The relationship is that of two people who have just started dating. In this reframe, the relationship is about slowly testing the waters, and discovering if you get on. In terms of fasting and intermittent fasting, this is about seeing how well a certain system works for you, and if you can stick to it sustainably.

In this episode, I take two challenges that fasters commonly experience, and look at how to tackle them according to whether the puritanical (strict parent) or motivational (new relationship) dynamic is at play.

Scenario 1: Should I put cream in my coffee when I am fasting?

Scenario 2: How do I deal with hunger when fasting? 

Listen to the episode to find out more. 



What is Motivational Fasting? episode

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Episode 2: What is Motivational Fasting?