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Motivational Fasting

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Sep 28, 2021

You know how amazing fasting and intermittent fasting are – so why isn’t everyone doing it?

Overwhelmingly the answer is: fear of hunger

In this article I will look at 5 areas on the topic how to deal with hunger when fasting, including my own experience going from terror of being hungry to confidently doing 100 hour fasts.


Why We Are Wired By Evolution to Tolerate Hunger

If we were not designed to cope with being hungry, you would not be reading the words on this screen – because your ancestors (who had much less nourishment at their disposal and lived through many periods of food scarcity)


The Real Science Behind How Hunger Works

You may be surprised to learn that hunger is a very hormonal thing. For example, why aren’t you starving hungry when you wake up in the morning, after hours of – you guessed it – fasting?! Because the hunger hormone ghrelin is at its lowest in the morning. I would bet your own experience backs this up.

Moreover, research shows that ghrelin levels (and consequently hunger) drop on fasts of longer than 48 hours, presumably so that our cavedwelling ancestors were not too distracted by rumbling tummies that they could not go out and get the food they so desperately needed.


Hunger Is a Tide, Not a Fire

This is a super useful image to sum up the preceding information on ghrelin. I have found that I do get peaks and troughs of hunger during my fasting days, with the peaks being less than 20 minutes long and the throughs lasting hours.


My Experience With Hunger During Fasting

I transferred the knowledge and expertise that I had built up during my years coaching binge eaters onto fasting. The neutrality towards discomfort, the curiosity-driven attitude – both of these really helped me tolerate hunger. As did an inability to recognise failure. And hunger got easier and easier to bear. This is the crucible in which I created the whole concept of Motivational Fasting, and I truly believe that this approach is essential uis you want to experience hunger as increasingly abstract and uninteresting.


A Thought Exercise to Help You Dismantle Your Fear of Hunger

In the episode of the podcast above, I give you two images of fear; one I call Keep Out fear and the other Jake Gyllenhall fear. Find out what these are and how the distinction can help you in fasting.



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